Monday, March 06, 2006

Test the platform

One concrete tip about from the seminar discussion: If you are unsure about the platform features, create a test for it.

One of the topics discussed was Test Driven Development (TDD). It is the software development method, when programmer first creates the unit test for the new functionality and only then implements it. I had the concern about the unknown platform capabilities. It happens so, that I and my colleagues often work on fresh betas of the coming software platforms that don't have all the new features documented or even implemented. Therefore quite often I don't have a concrete plan in mind. I try using one feature and another until I find a way that satisfies the original requirements somehow. Of course, these feature trials tend to become the release code and it's mentally difficult to write a unit test after the code - after all this way it is not TDD anymore.

The solution proposed by somebody from F-Secure (sorry, I don't know the name. Please, comment if you know) was as simple as every ingenious idea. If you are unsure about the platform features, create unit tests for them. It might not be possible for the GUI area, when you have to observe the results manually, but for all the other areas such tests would be a good compatibility test and a good starting point when you'll have to port your application to the next version of the platform.


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