Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Overagiling in testing

Jonathan Kohl, a writer on software testing issues talks about good and bad in software testing. To me the key idea is that Agile testing does not mean throwing away all the testing habits and practices you got from waterfall or whatever approach you used. Agile development and testing is not a new silver bullet, it's just a more efficient way of using the old good things.
Agile methods have some great things going on with regards to testing, but we’ve been set back by a lot of bad testing folklore that was rehashed under the “Agile Testing” banner in early writings. Sometimes ridiculous claims that software testers have heard for years were once again trotted out as “wisdom”, such as “manual tests are harmful”, or “every test must be automated”, or “testers are the Quality gatekeepers on a project”.

Recently, I’ve worked with more and more developers who were misled by the “Agile-Testing” folklore that automated unit testing encompasses software testing.
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"Overagiling in testing"
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