Sunday, March 05, 2006

Agile SW Development Practices Seminar

Last week I was attending the seminar on Agile SW Development Practices in Vantaa (Agenda in pdf).The seminar was very nice with a lot of speakers, talking about their own very practical experience in agile-related SW development. Most probably I'll highlight several seminar topics in the coming posts.

At the moment I can present my main impression: all the agile methods are about is truth and visibility. Don't lie to yourself; don't overplan, what you are not going to implement; don't pretend the project is 95% ready, if you are expecting endless bugfixes and don't hide the current situation from your customers. That's it. All the remaining details are about how to implement these principles in practice. I.e. how often and in which terms to report to customers so that they understood you and weren't overloaded with the unnecessary details, how to prevent yourself from overplanning, etc.


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