Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Series 60 examples

Today I've spent several hours trying to locate a simple example for the Nokia's Series 60 3rd edition. And miserably failed.

At the moment I am developing my first 3rd edition application. It is also the first app, where I am going to use vector icons in the svg format (introduced in Series 60 2nd edition Feature Pack 3). Somehow in all my previous projects I did the non-UI components only and never bothered about the application wrap-up.

Today in the morning I found that even though I have access to a lot of 3rd edition applications, I don't have a single simple example. As you might guess the attempts to "intelligently copy" the existing code failed.

I've spent the following two or three hours digging NewLC, Forum Nokia and Google looking for a HelloWorld or at least some program with the custom icon. It happens, that neither on the Forum Nokia, nor on the web, nor even in the Series 60 SDK (!) there is no single 3rd edition example. I wonder how third party developers are supposed to create great applications for the new platform without any (!) example.

Fortunately I managed to solve the problem myself. Now the action point for me is to speed up the SymbianExample upgrade and start posting the 3rd edition examples there - looks like there is a big demand for them.

For those interested the problem was in that I forgot to include one of the header files into the resource. Unfortunately resource compiler didn't complain, and the path to the application was incorrect


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Artem,

I am trying to port my application to 9.1. After signing the application, i was able to install the application on the device, but on opening the same i am getting a -20 error. I did not face any problem while testing it on a emulator. I am not able to get sufficient information in the net. Can u give me some pointers on this?

Thanks & Regards

Thursday, December 22, 2005 8:08:00 AM  
Blogger Artem said...

Hard to say Amar. I quite rarely do the installations myself and it is always quite simple: just sign and install.

-20 is KErrCorrupt. Are you sure, you are trying to install the ARMV5 version of your application? Can it be so, that by mistake you are trying to install the WINSCW version?

Thursday, December 22, 2005 6:12:00 PM  

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